Date Topic Presenter
20190211 Data Transmission through Energy Coil of Wireless Power Transfer System Wincent
20190128 A Unified CNN-RNN Approach for in-Air Handwritten English Word Recognition ZheTing
20190121 IMU-Based Robust Human Activity Recognition using Feature Analysis, Extraction, and Reduction Gene Yeh
20190114 Data Compression Algorithms for Energy Constraine Devices in Delay Tolerant Networks James Chan
20190107 Research on Denoising Algorithm of Thoracic Impedance Data for COPD Diagnosis Ryan Wu
20181224 A Triboelectric Motion Sensor in Wearable Body Sensor Network for Human Activity Recognition Hank Lo
20181217 Activity classification using realistic data from wearable sensors ChenXuan Fung
20181210 SenseGen: A Deep Learning Architecture for Synthetic Sensor Data Generation Mike Chen
20181203 Embedded software testing in research environment. A practical guide for non-experts ;
An automatic testing framework for embedded software
Louis Sung
20181126 Automation and Control Design of Overvoltage Wincent Wijaya
20181119 Segmentation and Classification of Gait Cycles Gene Yeh
20181112 Feasibility of Wrist-Worn, Real-Time Hand, and Surface Gesture Recognition via sEMG and IMU Sensing ZheTing Liu
20181105 An Efficient Lossless Compression Algorithm for Tiny Nodes of Monitoring Wireless Sensor Networks James Chan
20181029 Embedded Real-Time Fall Detection with Deep Learning on Wearable Devices Ryan Wu
20181022 Towards Real-Time Monitoring and Detection of Asthma Symptoms on Resource-Constraint Mobile Device Hank Lo
20181008 Automatic Quantitative Analysis of Human Respired Carbon Dioxide Waveform for Asthma and Non-Asthma Classification Using Support Vector Machine ChenXuan Fung
20181001 Adapting BLE Protocol For Medical Standard ECG Transmission Mike Chen
20180917 Grafcet: a powerful tool for specification of logic controllers Louis Sung
20171023 Topology Configuration and Multihop Routing Protocol for Bluetooth Low Energy Networks Winston Chen
20171002 A hybrid BLE and Wi-Fi localization system for the creation of study groups in smart libraries ZheTing
20170925 InLoc: An End-to-End Robust Indoor Localization and Routing Solution using Mobile Phones and BLE Beacons Gene Yeh
20170918 A Study of Bluetooth Low Energy Performance for Human Proximity Detection in the Workplace James Chan
20170911 RF Energy Harvesting Chip Powered Sensor Node YiChang
20170828 Precise Synchronization Time Stamp Generation for Bluetooth Low Energy
Wireless time synchronization of a collaborative brain-computer-interface using bluetooth low energy
20170821 BLEmesh_A-Wireless-Mesh-Network-Protocol-for-Bluetooth-Low-Energy-Devices Thomas
20170814 Human Authentication From Ankle Motion Data Using Convolutional Neural Networks PoHsin
20170730  Macro-class Selection for  Hierarchical k-NN Classification of Inertial Sensor Data Jay
20170724 An Innovative Approach for Forecasting of Energy Requirements to Improve a Smart Home Management System Based on BLE Winston Chen
20170612 Human Energy Harvesting Adapted for Portable Electronics Applications YiChang
20170605 Semi Supervision Dramatically Improves Time Series Clustering under Dynamic Time Warping Frank
20170530 IMU based Single Stride Identification of Humans  PoHsin
20170522 A Novel Energy Management Approach for Smart Homes Using Bluetooth Low Energy  Thomas
20170515 RecoFit: Using a Wearable Sensor to Find, Recognize, and Count Repetitive Exercises  Jay
20170508 BLE-Backscatter-Ultralow-Power-IoT-Nodes-Compatible-With-Bluetooth-4.0-Low-Energy-BLE-Smartphones-and-Tablets  Winston Chen
20170501 Real-Time Performance of a Self-Powered Environmental IoT Sensor Network System Harry
20170424 A KNN-SVM Hybrid Model for Cursive Handwriting Recognition  Anna
20170417 Smart Locomotion Generation Based On AutomaticOrientation And Topology Detection Of A Reconfigurable Modular Robot  TingYu
20170417 Flexible and Reconfigurable System on Chip for Wireless Sensor Network  TingYu
20170410 A Drift Eliminated Attitude & Position Estimation Algorithm In 3D  Michael
20170327 An Energy Harvester Interface for Self-Powered Wireless Speed Sensor  YiChang
20170320 Accelerometry-based recognition of the placement sites of a wearable sensor  Frank
20170306 Is There a Tradeoff between Privacy and Security in BLE-based IoT Applications: Using a Smart Vehicle of a Major Taiwanese Brand as Example  Thomas
20170227 Object Hallmarks Identifying Object Users  PoHsin
20170220 GPS/INS integration utilizing dynamic neural networks for vehicular navigation  Jay
20170213 Identification of Pre-Emergency States in the Electric Power System on the Basis of Machine Learning Technologies Winston Chen
20170206 Energy management algorithm for solar-powered energy harvesting wireless sensor node for IoT Harry
20170123 Finger-writing with Smartwatch: A Case for Finger and Hand Gesture Recognition using Smartwatch Anna
20170116 Graph Partitioning for Reconfigurable Topology  TingYu
20170109 Short-Range FMCW Monopulse Radar for Hand-Gesture Sensing  Michael
20170103 Nonintrusive Occupant Identification by Sensing Body Shape and Movement YiChang
20161212 MotionSync:Personal Energy Analytics through Motion Tags and Wearble Sensing Frank
20161205 Automatic Detection and Classification of Unsafe Events During Power Wheelchair Use Thomas
20161128 Battery-Free Identification Token for Touch Sensing Devices PoHsin
20161121 Accurate Gait Analysisin Post-Stroke Patients using a Single Inertial Measurement Unit Jay
20161116 Inertial Motion Sensing Glove for Sign Language Gesture Acquisition and Recognition Winston
20161107 Wireless Wearable T-Shirt for Posture Monitoring During Rehabilitation Exercises Harry
20161031 Tracko: Ad-hoc Mobile 3D Tracking Using Bluetooth Low Energy and Inaudible Signals for Cross-Device Interaction Anna
20161024 Determining Minimum Spanning Tree in an Undirected Weighted TingYu
20161024 Parallelization of Minimum Spanning Tree Algorithm Using Distributed Memory Architectures TingYu
20161017 3D Tracking via Body Radio Re?ections Michael
20161010 Privacy-Preserving Large-Scale Location Monitoring Using Bluetooth Low Energy YiChang
20161003 Driving style Recognition Using a Smartphone as a Sensor Platform Frank
20160926 Be-In/Be-Out with Bluetooth Low Energy Implicit Ticketing for Public Transportation Systems Thomas
20160919 A General Self Organized Tree Based Energy Balance Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network PoHsin
20160912 Smartphone Inertial Sensor-Based Indoor Localization and Tracking With iBeacon Corrections Jay
20160905 A BLE-Based Probabilistic Room-Level Localization Method Winston
20160829 A Smart Phone-Based Pocket Fall Accident Detection, Positioning, and Rescue System Harry
20160822 Assistive Infrared Sensor Based Smart Stick for Blind People Anna
20160815 Inference of Wired Network Topology Using Multipoint Reflectometry TingYu
20160808 SmartPDR: Smartphone-Based Pedestrian Dead Reckoning for Indoor Localization Micahel
20160620 Location Fingerprinting With Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons Harry
20160613 MEMS Accelerometer Based Nonspeci?c-User Hand Gesture Recognition Anna
20160606 A Reconfigurable Smart Sensor Interface for Industrial WSN in IoT Environment TingYu
20160530 Real-Time RFID Indoor Positioning System Based on Kalman-Filter Drift Removal and Heron-Bilateration Location Estimation Michael
20160523 Bluetooth Traffic Monitoring Systems for Travel Time Estimation on Freeways Harry
20160516 AutoDietary: A Wearable Acoustic Sensor System for Food Intake Recognition in Daily Life Anna
20160509 Face-to-Face Proximity Estimation Using Bluetooth On Smartphones TingYu
20160502 Spring Model Based Collaborative Indoor Position Estimation With Neighbor Mobile Devices Michael
20160425 Using extended web technologies to develop Bluetooth multi-platform mobile applications for interact with smart things Harry
20160418 A Low Cost, Highly Scalable Wireless Sensor Network Solution to Achieve Smart LED Light Control for Green Buildings Anna
20160411 Cooperative vehicle collision warning system using the vector-based approach with dedicated short range communication data transmission TingYu
20160328 New “Smart Parking” System Based on Resource Allocation and Reservations Michael
20160321 Metadata Creation System for Mobile Images Jinny
20160314 Mohawk+T: Efficient Analysis of Administrative Temporal Role-Based Access Control (ATRBAC) Policies ChiaHsun
20160307 Localization and velocity tracking of human via 3 IMU sensors Wiki
20160301 Winston
20160222 Gestures are Strings Efficient Online Gesture Spotting and Classification using String Matching YuZhen
20160217 Design and Performance Analysis of a Low Cost Light Energy Harvester for Wireless Sensors Harry
20160203 A vehicular networking perspective on estimating vehicle collision probability at intersections Anna
20160127 Safe Driving Using Mobile Phones TingYu
20160127 A Comparison of Driving Behaviour Prediction Algorithm Using Multi-Sensory Data on a Smartphone TingYu
20160120 DRINA: A Lightweight and Reliable Routing Approach for In-Network Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks Michael
20160113 Framework for Design and Analysis of Data-Driven Synchronization Systems for the Internet of Things

Adaptive ILP Control to increase Fault Tolerance for VLIW Processors

20160106 DAC2016-Review:A Semantics-Aware Design for Mounting Remote Sensors on Mobile Systems ChiaHsun
20151223 Improving measurement quality of a MEMS-based gyro-free inertialnavigation Wiki
20151216 Multiple Controlled Mobile Elements (Data Mules) for Data Collection in Sensor Networks Winston
20151209 ALPS: A Bluetooth and Ultrasound Platform for Mapping and Localization YuZhen
20151202 Enabling Ubiquitous Interaction with Smart Things Harry
20151125 An Empirical Performance Study of Intra-vehicular Wireless Sensor Networks under WiFi and Bluetooth Interference Anna
20151118 Bluetooth Low Energy performance and robustness analysis for Inter-Vehicular Communications TingYu
20151111 Sleep Scheduling for Critical Event Monitoring in wireless sensor networls Michael
20151104 RollingLight_Enabling Line-of-Sight Light-to-Camera Jinny
20151028 Wearable inertial mouse for children with physical and cognitive impairments Wiki
20151021 A New Approach of Real Time Step Length Estimation for Waist Mounted PDR System ChiaHsun
20151014 Data Collection in Sensor Networks with Data Mules: an Integrated Simulation Analysis Winston
20151007 Lookup- Enabling Pedestrian safety services via shoe sensing YuZhen
20150930 Smart e-Health Gateway Bringing Intelligence to Internet-of-Things Based Ubiquitous Healthcare System Harry
20150923 BlueSentinel: a first approach using iBeacon for an energy efficient occupancy detection system Anna
20150916 RFID-indoor-location-identification-for-construction-projects TingYu
20150907 D3 Abnormal Driving Behaviors Detection and Identification Using Smartphone Sensors Michael
20150831 An On-demand Scatternet Formation and Multi-hop Routing Protocol for BLE-based wireless Sensor Networks ChiaHsun
20150824 FlashLight:Optical Communication between Mobile Phones and Interactive Tabletops Jinny
20150817 Gradient_Clock_Synchronization_in Wireless Sensor Networks Wiki
20150810 Data Muling with Mobile Phones for Sensornets* Winston
20150803 Cracking the Bluetooth PIN YuZhen
20150601 TypingRing_A Wearable Ring Platform for Text Input Jinny
20150525 Bluetooth scatternet formation from a time-efficiency perspective ChiaHsun
20150518 DEOS: Dynamic Energy-Oriented Scheduling for Sustainable Wireless Sensor Networks Wiki
20150511 From Rateless to Distanceless: Enabling Sparse Sensor Network Deployment in Large Areas Winston
20150504 Mobile_gateway_for_ubiquitous_health_care_system_using_ZigBee_and_Bluetooth YuZhen
20150427 Improving the performance of fall detection systems through Jinny
20150420 Contiki_A Lightweight and Flexible Operating System for Tiny Networked Wiki
20150413 A Self-Organized Approach for the Communication Method to Adapt Connectivity of Terminals in Bluetooth MANETs ChiaHsun
20150330 FM-based Indoor Localization via Automatic Fingerprint DB Construction and Matching Winston
20150323 FindingNemo_Finding_Your_Lost_Child_in_Crowds via_Mobile_Crowd_Sensing YuZhen
20150316 High-speed Encoding/Decoding Technique for Reliable Data Transmission in Wireless Sensor Network Jinny
20150302 Towards Bluetooth Multi-Hop Messaging ChiaHsun
20150216 iLocScan: Harnessing Multipath for Simultaneous Indoor Source Localization and Space Scanning Winston
20150209 Codo confidential data storage for wireless sensor networks Wiki
20150202 RushNet Practical Traffic Prioritization for Saturated Wireless Sensor Networks YuZhen
20150126 RSSI WSN localization with Analysis of Energy Consumption and Communication Gary
20150126 Accuracy of Location Identification with Antenna Polarization on RSSI Gary
20150118 A_new_simple_wifi_Direct_connection_method backman
20150105 Compiler-Assisted Demand Paging for Embedded Systems with Flash Memory THM
20141229 Sensor-Embedded Teeth for Oral Activity YiLin
20141229 VeLoc Finding Your Car in the Parking Lot YiLin
20141229 Smart Home Control with Head-Mounted Sensors for Vision and Brain Activity YiLin
2013xxxx Accelerometer-Based Transportation Mode backman
20141215 RSSI-based node localization algorithm for wireless sensor network Jinny
20141208 BSF-UED: A New Time-Efficient Bluetooth Scatternet Formation Algorithm Based on Unnecessary-Edges Deletion ChiaHsun
20141201 ELF_ An Efficient Log-Structured Flash File System For Micro Sensor Nodes Wiki
20141124 Scalable Opportunistic Forwarding Algorithms in Delay Tolerant Networks using Similarity Hashing Winston
20141117 Sensor-Cloud Infrastructure YuZhen
20141110 Ekho Realistic and Repeatable Experimentation for Tiny Energy-Harvesting Sensors Gary
20141103 Airwriting: a wearable handwriting recognition system backman
20141027 Tracking Human Queues Using Single-Point Signal Monitoring THM
20141020 A Wearable System That Knows Who Wears It Yilin
20141013 Hybrid Visible Light Communication for Cameras and Low-Power Embedded Devices HsinYi
20141006 BlueMesh: Degree-Constrained Multi-Hop Scatternet Formation ChiaHsun
20140929 Energy Efficient GPS Sensing with Cloud Offloading Wiki
20140922 Smart M2M Gateway based Architecture for M2M Device and Endpoint Management Winston
20140915 Social-Loc improving indoor localization with social sensing YuZhen
20140803 Rio: A System Solution for Sharing I KCI
20140615 ParkSense A Smartphone Based Sensing System For On-Street Parking THM
20140608 A high-performance training-free approach for hand Yilin
20140519 Locating in Fingerprint Space Wireless Indoor Localization with Little Human Intervention Gary
20140512 TrainSense A Novel Infrastructure to Support Mobility in Wireless Sensor Networks THM
20140406 TempLab A Testbed Infrastructure to Study the Impact of Temperature on Wireless Sensor Networks Gary
20140331 Guoguo-Enabling Fine-grained Indoor Localization via Smartphone THM
20140317 Sensors with Lasers Building a WSN Power Grid Gary
20140303 Aquatic Debris Monitoring Using Smartphone-Based THM
20140203 A System for Distributed Event Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks Gary
20140120 Sensing Vehicle Dynamics for Determining THM
20131230 Seamless Integration of Heterogeneous Devices and Access Control YCS
20131223 Seamless Integration of Heterogeneous Devices and Access Control tongkunlai
20131216 Estimating Locations and Coverage Areas of Mobile Network Cells based on Crowdsourced Data Gimi
20131209 Automating the Configuration of Multi Software Product Lines JoPing
20131202 Energy-Efficient Low Power Listening for Wireless Sensor Networks in Noisy Environments Zanya
20131125 Smartphone based user verification leveraging gait recognition for mobile healthcare systems Gary
20131111 AutoSync THM
20131104 A Real-time Auto-Adjustable Smart Pillow System or Sleep Apnea Detection and Treatment Yilin
20131028 Powering Indoor Sensing with Airflows YCS
20131021 Carat- Collaborative Energy Diagnosis for Mobile Devices Gimi
20131014 EnGarde JoPing
20131007 Ambient RF Energy Harvesting Sensor Device With Capacitor-Leakage-Aware Duty Cycle Control tongkun
20130930 Battery-less Microdevices for Body SensorActuator Networks Zanya
20130923 Spartacus Spatially-Aware Interaction for Mobile Devices Through Energy-Efficient Audio Sensing Gary
20130909 In-Pavement Wireless Sensor Network for Vehicle Classification THM
20130826 Power-efficient Occupancy-based YCS
20130819 A Comprehensive Compiler-Assisted Thread Abstraction for Resource-Constrained System tongkun
20130812 Enabling Large-Scale Storage in Sensor Networks with the Coffee File System Gimi
20130805 Optical Localization of Passive UHF RFID Tags with Integrated LEDs JoPing
20130729 MARS A Muscle Activity Recognition System Enabling Self_configuring Musculoskeletal Sensor Networks Yilin
20130722 An environment monitoring system for precise agriculture based on wireless sensor networks Zanya
20130715 Is There Light at the Ends of the Tunnel Wireless Sensor Networks for Adaptive Lighting in Road Tunnels YCS
20130708 Pipelining for Cyclic Control Systems JoPing
20130701 Variability-Aware Duty Cycle Scheduling in Long Running Embedded Sensing Systems Gimi
20130624 Nemo_A High-fidelity Noninvasive Power Meter System for Wireless Senor Networks tongkun
20130506 RoadSoundSense Acoustic Sensing based Road Congestion Monitoring in Developing Regions YCS
20130429 eShare_A Capacitor-Driven Energy Storage and Sharing Network for long-Term Operation tongkun
20130422 Tiny Web Service – design and implementation of interoperable and evolvable sensor networks Gimi
20130415 DoubleDip Leveraging Thermoelectric Harvesting for Low Power Monitoring of Sporadic Water Use JoPing
20130408 The role of Pervasive and Cooperative Sensor Networks in Smart Grids Communication Zanya
20130318 Energy Efficient Supply of WSN Nodes using Component-Aware Dynamic Voltage Scaling
20130311 IODetector A Generic Service for Indoor Outdoor Detection YCS
20130218 Stream-oriented Lossless Packet Compression in Wireless Sensor Network JoPing
20130204 empirical analysis of transmission power control algorithms for wireless sensor networks Gimi
20130128 The Timekeeping Anomaly of Energy-saving Sensors Manifestation, Solution, and a Structural Monitoring Case Study tongkun
20130121 Strawman-Resolving Collisions in Bursty Low-Power Wireless Networks Zanya
20121216 Gesture Recognition In Flow based on PCA Analysis using Multiagent System kailing
20121126 symPhoney_A Coordinated Sensing Flow Execution Engine for Concurrent Mobile Sensing Applications tongkun
20121119 sMAP – a Simple Measurement and Actuation Profile for Physical Information Gimi
20121112 Using Dynamic WSNs in Smart Logistics for Fruits and Pharmacy JoPing
20121105 SignalGuru Zanya
20121015 Extended Bluetooth Naming for Empowered Presence and Situated Interaction with Public Displays kailing
20121001 PBN_TowardsPracticalActivityRecognitionUsingSmartphone-BasedBodySensorNetworks tongkun
20120924 Playing The Network – The Use of Time Delay as Musical Devices Gimi
20120906 The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Successful Residential Sensing Deployments Zanya
20120802 SenseStage kailing
20120726 MicroCast JoPing
20120719 How Long to Wait Zanya
20120705 Implementation and Evaluation of a Real Object-Oriented Communication Method for Ad-Hoc Networks kailing
20120517 FindingMiMo Zanya
20120426 Data Muling with Mobile phones kailing
20120405 magnetic-based-proximity liang
20120329 SenShare Zero
20120329 TriopusNet wap
20120315 OmniTouch kkming
20120308 A Resource Oriented Architecture for the Web of Things kailing
20120209 Service-Oriented Smart-Home Architecture Based on OSGi and Mobile-Agent andy
20120202 SpiderBat liang
20111229 Routing Without Routes celine
20111222 A Distributed Wearable, Wireless Sensor System for Evaluating Professiona ming
20111214 agilla andy
20111208 EasiCPRS wap
20111124 The Swiss Army Phone kailing
20111117 funny_WiZi-Cloud
20111109 High-speed-camera_LEDarray liang
20111027 μSETL celine
20111012 CONET andy
20111006 uSD wap
20110929 A_Power_Efficient_Wireless_Sensor_Network_for_Continuously_Monitoring_Seismic_Vibrations yuting
20110922 Using Mobile Phones to Write in Air kailing
20110901 Low Power Wake-up liang
20110818 sMapReduce celine
20110804 A Case for Peer-to-Peer Network Overlays in Sensor Networks andy
20110609 MISE-PIPE wap
20110602 A Phone-Centered Body Sensor Network Platform Angel
20110526 BlueTable liang
20110519 Monitoring Volconic Eruption celine
20110428 A Context-Management Framework for Telemedicine andy
20110331 The Impact of Using Multiple Antennas on Wireless Localization morris
20110324 Exploring Link Correlation for Efficient Flooding onetail
20110310 Bundle wap
20110304 Sensor Networks for Medical Care Angel
20110304 Sensor Networks for Emergency Response Challenges and Opportunities Angel
20110304 Codeblue An ad hoc sensor network infrastructure for emergency medical care Angel
20110224 Smart Home Care liang
20110218 Ensemble_A_Proximity-based_Authentication_System Zero
20110210 Reliable Clinical Monitoring celine
20110127 Swimming Stroke Kinematic Analysis with BSN Ming
20110120 The Smart Thermostat Using Occupancy Sensors andy
20110113 Reliable Clinical Monitoring using Wireless Sensor Networks onetail
20110106 Sensor network-based_countersniper_system Sway
20101230 GreenGPS morris
20101125 PipeProbe wap
20101118 RADAR an In-building RF-based user location and tracking system Angel
20101101 Mercury A Wearable Sensor Network Platform for High-Fidelity Motion Analysis liang
20101028 Replay Debugging Zero
20101021 Distributed Genetic Evolution celine
20101014 U-connect Ming
20100930 SenSpire OS andy
20100923 Multichannel Reliability Assessment in Real World WSNs onetail
20100916 FTSP Sway
20100823 SAGe wap
20100812 Effective_Code_Diversification_for_Network_Reprogramming_in_Sensor_Nodes Zero
20100805 ParkNet celine
20100729 Smart_Jacket Ming
20100722 IDEA-Intergated Distributed Energy Awareness For Wireless Sensor Networks andy
20100715 Bursty traffic over links onetail
20100708 Darjeeling, A Feature-Rich VM for the Resource Poor Sway
20100610 To Hop or Not to Hop morris
20100603 Micro Power Meter for Energy Monitoring of Wireless Sensor Networks at Scale guohuei
20100506 joyce_Thesis joyce
20100422 MacroLab wap
20100422 Versatile Low Power Media Access onetail
20100415 Evaluating a BASIC Approach to Sensor Network Node Programming Sway
20100408 Blue-Fi morris
20100225 Supporting Concurrent Applications in Wireless Sensor Networks cindy
20100209 A minimum energy path topology control algorithm for wireless multihop networks joyce
20100204 ACme-Design and implementation of a high-fidelity AC me wap
20100128 Passive Diagnosis for Wireless Sensor Networks onetail
20100121 Run-time dynamic linking for reprogramming wireless sensor networks Sway
20100114 BriMonA Sensor Network System for Railway Bridge Monitoring morris
20091229 Leakage-Aware Energy Synchronization for Wireless Senor Networks guohuei
20091210 Dynamic Power Management in Wireless Sensor Networks – An Application-driven Approach asd
20091126 Robust Topology Control for Indoor Wireless Sensor Networks joyce
20091112 Phase-Based Tuning for Better Utilized wap
20091105 Health Monitoring of Civil Infrastructures Using Wireless onetail
20091029 Energy Efficient Processing of K Nearest Neighbor Queries morris
20091022 Fence Monitoring – Experimental Evaluation of a Use Case for Wireless Sensor Networks Sway
20091015 An Embedded Multithreaded Operating guohuei
20090924 Rapid Development and Flexible Deployment of Adaptive Wireless Sensor Network Applications asd
20090907 Efficient Topology Discovery for Multihop Wireless Sensor Networks joyce
20090825 Cilk wap
20090818 Automated Dynamic Analysis of CUDA program Sway
20090811 Attacks on Public WLAN-based Positioning Systems morris
20090707 Dozer – Ultra-Low Power Data Gathering in Sensor Networks asd
20090526 Self-organizing Spatial Regions for Sensor Network Infrastructures joyce
20090324 SENSE wap
20090317 Capsule – An Energy-Optimized Object Storage System for Memory-Constrained Sensor Devices asd
20090303 An Inertial Measurement Framework joyce
20090103 Predictive Thread-to-Core Assignment on a Heterogeneous Multi-core Processor wap
20090102 A Survey on Sensor Webs Simulation Tools wap
20090101 QEMU wap
20081215 SOS – A Dynamic Operating System for Sensor Nodes asd
20081203 SATIRE joyce
20081007 Energy-Aware Demand Paging on NAND Flash-based Embedded Storages asd