EcoBT Super

EcoBT Super

EcoBT Super is the code name for the 4×2 cm2 version of the EcoBT node, designed for many wireless sensing and IoT (Internet of Things) applications. It is a self-contained motion-sensing node that can work also a BLE master, slave, or a BLE USB dongle. It has the same triaxial accelerometer and RTC as EcoBT Mini, but with more prototyping area, on-board serial flash, and a MicroSD card slot. It can serve as a more convenient prototyping board when developing firmware for the EcoBT Mini, and it can also serve as the dongle (CC2540 version).

Recently, we start making the CC2541 version of the board. The power consumption is lower, and it has hardware I2C, making it more efficient to access the RTC, but it has no USB; its USB connector is for power only.

Technical Specification

PCB size 4×2 cm2
MCU TI CC2540 or CC2541
On-chip flash 256 KB
On-chip RAM (Xdata) 8KB
Antenna Antenova A5839 Chip antenna
Accelerometer ST LIS331DLH digital triaxial accelerometer
RTC ST M41T62 (over emulated I2C)
Magnetic Switch Murata AS-M155SAH-R
I/O expansion connector Molex SlimStack board-to-board connector; MicroSD card slot
Battery lithium coin (3V), lithium polymer (4.2V), or up to 5VDC (e.g., from USB)
regulator TLV70033
on-board serial (SPI) flash AT25DF (16 Mb = 2 MB)

Development Resources

We recommend the following tools for development. For more information, see the development page.

Data Sheets

  • TI CC2540 (BLE RF+MCU)
  • ST LIS331DLH (digital triaxial accelerometer)
  • ST M41T62 (RTC)
  • TI TLV70033 (regulator)
  • Murata AS-M15SAH-R (magnetic switch)
  • RFANT3216120A5T (chip antenna)

Pinout diagram

1. MSCLK 2. VCC5
5. MMISO 6. VCC3V3
7. CS0 8. TxD
9. SMISO 10. RxD
11. SMOSI 12. AIN0
13. SSCLK 14. AIN1
15. PWM0 16. W2SCL
17. INT 18. W2SDA
19. PROG 20. GND


  • TI BLE software stack (requires IAR Embedded Workbench and CC Debugger)
  • EPL Compiler Binding Layer (requires SDCC, Python 2.7.x, BLE dongle)

BLE Client Tools

  • BTools (TI, requires Windows and BLE dongle)
  • LightBlue (iOS or Android, requires ≥ iPhone 4S or iPad 3, or Android 4.2 with hardware Bluetooth 4.0)