EcoMini is the code name for the 9×12 mm2 version of the Eco node. It is possibly the world’s smallest, self-contained motion-sensing node developed to date. It can be programmed to work as either a BLE master or slave. The small size makes it suitable for a wide variety of embedded and IoT (Internet of Things) applications.

Technical Specification

Eco Mini
PCB size 9x12mm2
MCU TI CC2541 (SiP)
On-chip flash 256 KB
On-chip RAM (Xdata) 8 KB
Antenna chip antenna
Accelerometer 9 DoF inertial sensor (acc, gyro, compass)
RTC RTC (over true I2C)
Magnetic Switch magnetic switch
I/O expansion connector PCB edge connector, to be changed to Hirose
Battery lithium coin (3V), lithium polymer (4.2V), up to 5VDC
regulator step-down with bypass

Development Resources

We recommend the following tools for development. For more information, see the development page.

Data Sheets

  • TI CC2541 (SiP) (BLE RF+MCU)
  • 9 DoF inertial sensor (acc, gyro, compass)
  • RTC (over true I2C)

Pinout diagram

1. DC 2. DD
3. GND1 4. VCC1
7. RxD 8. TxD


  • TI BLE software stack (requires IAR Embedded Workbench and CC Debugger)
  • EPL Compiler Binding Layer (requires SDCC, Python 2.7.x, BLE dongle)

BLE Client Tools

  • BTools (TI, requires Windows and BLE dongle)
  • LightBlue (iOS or Android, requires ≥ iPhone 4S or iPad 3, or Android 4.2 with hardware Bluetooth 4.0)