Pai H. Chou 周百祥


Year Name 姓名 Work
(joined 2012) Cheng-Ting Lee 李政廷 smart container, smart home (with TechCity), car unit, RF, antenna
(on leave) Anping Wang 王安平 EcoBT hardware, EcoSpire SDK, smarthome, synchronous dataflow


Year Name 姓名 Work
2020 Jui-Feng Sung 宋瑞豐
Po-Yu Chen 陳柏宇
Cheng-Xuan Fung 方晟軒
Shih-Han Lo 羅仕翰
Yen-Chang Wu 吳彥璋
2020.5 Hsiao-Tung Dong 董曉彤
2021 You-Ren Shen 沈友仁
Chih-En Hsu 徐執恩
Tzu-Yin Lai 賴芷螢
Po-Yeung Wong 黃普揚


Year Name 姓名 Thesis
2019 Shih-Hsien Chan 詹士賢 A Lightweight, Lossless Compression Algorithm with a Tiny Cache Table
Yu-Hung Yeh 葉育宏 Deep Learning-Based Real-Time Activity Recognition with Multiple Inertial Sensors
Zhe-Ting Liu 劉哲廷 An IMU-based Wearable Ring for On-Surface Handwriting Recognition
Wilhelmus Wincent Wijaya 黃威生 Robust and Responsive Self Diagnosing Embedded Coupling Modules for Indicator Applications
2018 Po-Hsin Lin 林伯欣 Gait Analysis Based on Leg-and-shoe-mounted EcoIMU and Deep Learning
Yu-Chieh Teng 鄧宇傑 BLE connect multi-nodes, air mouse
Yi-Chang Huang 黃逸展 Two-level Detection of Drowsiness Based on Single-Channel EEG Signals
Shun-Fa Zhou 卓訓發 On-Pen Handwritten Word Recognition Using Long Short-Term Memory Model
Yu-Ying Chen 陳昱穎 Medicine cabinet
Shih-Hong Lo 羅世宏 AirType: In-Air Typing-Recognition System Based on Machine Learning
2017 Wei-Cheng Lee 李韋成 smart roomba beacon tracking
Chung-Kai Mei 梅眾凱 Indoor Localization Based on foot-mounted EcoIMU and Ultrasonic Sensor
Yun-Hao Liang 梁雲皓 EcoMicro: A Miniature Self-Powered BLE-Based Wireless Sensing Platform
Cho-An Lin 林倬安 A Wireless In-Air Handwriting Recognition System Based on Machine Learning
Ting-Yu Hsu 許庭瑜 Physically Composable Embedded Systems with Self-Diagnostic Capability
2016 Chia-Hsun Wu 吳佳勳 A Decentralized Smart Energy System With Access Control and NFB Authentication
Wei-Kuang Wang 王維寬 AntIMU: a Real-Time Motion-Tracking System Based on Miniature Collaborative IMU Modules
Yu-Zhen Xie 謝妤榛 String Matching Algorithm for Real-Time Hand Gesture Recognition on a Wireless Low-Power Embedded Device
Hsin-Yi Tseng 曾馨儀 IoT Metadata Creation System for Mobile Images and its Applications
2015 Yi-Lin Chen 陳奕霖 Collaborative Localization using Conditional Random Fields upon Encounter
Henpai Hsu 許亨百 EcoMini: Low-Power, Miniature Bluetooth Low Energy Motion Sensor Node
Chung-Yi Kao 高仲毅 EcoSim: A Smartphone-Based Sensor-Node Simulator with Native Sensor and Protocol-Stack Emulation
Huamin Tseng 曾華民 Cell Indicator System for Pharmacies
2014 Cheng-Hsun Yang 楊政勳 A Decentralized Smart Energy System with Access Control and Multiple Access
Chun-Min Chang 張鈞閔 Cooperative Tracking using Encounter Information by Partical Filtering
Jo-Ping Li 李若萍 Multi-Greendicator: Optical Wireless Communication with Multi-LED Coding and Camera Decoding for Increased Bandwidth and Robustness
Tong Kun Lai 黎東權 Firmware Architecture Enabling Interactive Programming and Calling Convention Translation
Zanya Peng 彭瓚雅 Practical Limits on Maintaining Simultaneous Connections while Maximizing Aggregate Bandwidth in Bluetooth Low Energy Technology
2013 Fan-ling Chen 陳凡靈 Enabling Compiler Independence for Embedded Systems with Proprietary Stacks by Calling-Convention Abstraction Layer
Kailing Huang 黃凱伶 Power Management for Motion Applications Based on Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Technology
Yu-Ting Huang 黃宇廷 EcoBN: Design and Evaluation of a Bluetooth Low Energy Wireless Sensor Platform
2012 Shin-Yi Chang 張心怡 Greendicator: Augmenting Embedded Systems with Display Capabilities through LED Pulses Decoded Using Smart Phones
Chien-An Cho 卓建安 EcoSec: A thin security layer for interactive programming on WSN
Yu-Min Kao 高裕閔 EcoSTS: A Compact and Contactless Motion Measurement System for Coastal Sediments Tracking
Cheng-Dao Lee 李承道 EcoDelegate: A Flexible, Delegation-Based Network Architecture for Resource-Constrained Embedded Platforms
Tzu-Chun Liu 劉姿均 A Scriptable Execution and Reprogramming Framework for Resource-Constrained Embedded Platforms
2011 Ting-Ting Tu 杜婷婷 EcoGinie: On-Node Integration Enhancement for Packet Loss Recovery in Gyrofree Inertial Measurement Unit
Guo-Huei Chang 張國輝 Enhanced SPI Communication by Combining Pause-Switch Circuit and Direct Memory Access Controllers
I-Wei Tsai 蔡譯緯 EcoRoute: A lightweight routing protocol with Multi-hop and Multicast services for wireless sensor networks
Chi-Yuan Lee 李紀遠 EcoIR: An Infrared Communication and Reprogramming System for Resource-Constrained Wireless Sensor Platforms
Kuan-Hsun Wang 王冠勛 EcoDB: A Lightweight Debugging Tool for Resource Constrained Wireless Sensor Plarforms
2010 Yen-Chiu Lee 李燕秋 EcoHop: An Interactive Multi-hop Transmission Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Yi-Lung Tsai 蔡依龍 EcoTrack: A Gesture Recognition and Motion Tracking System Based on EcoIMU
Yi-Hsuan Tu 杜依璇 EcoMap: An Interactive Framework for Parallel Execution of Functional Programming Commands on Wireless Sensor Networks
Shun-Yao Yang 楊舜堯 EcoSlend: A Power Management Framework for Ultra-Compact Wireless Sensor Platforms
2009 Chien-Ying Chen 陳建穎 DuraCap: A Power-Bootstrapping, Maximum Power Point Tracking Energy-Harvesting System
Yu-Ting Chen 陳右庭 Enix: A Lightweight Dynamic Operating System for Tightly Constrained Wireless Sensor Platforms
Wei-Han Chen 陳韋翰 EcoSwap: A Compiler-Assisted Ligfhtweight Demand Code-Paging Scheme for Sensor Nodes
Chih-Hsiang Hsueh 薛志祥 EcoExec: A Highly Interactive Execution Framework for Ultra Compact Wireless Sensor Nodes
2008 Jangye Ke 柯忠毅 EcoMAC: A Fast-handoff, Collision-free, Lightweight MAX Protocol for Multi-Channel Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
Nai-Yuan Ko 柯乃元 Infra-structure Support for Bridging Simple and Complex Wireless Sensor Network Standards
Min-Hua Chen 陳民樺 Telescribe – A Scalable Resumable Mass Reprogramming Approach
Po-Nung Chiang 江柏穠 Dynamic Scripting Control Scheme on Wireless Sensor Network
2008* Shu-Chu Huang 黃旭初 Quantitative Evaluation and Practical Emulation Methodologies for Wireless Sensor Platforms
Cheng-Chung Lin 林正中 Communication Protocols and Design Issues for High Bandwidth Applications in WSN
Chia-Hui Lu 呂佳惠 Wireless Sensor Interface Design Technique
Shen-Ye Yang 楊昇曄 Signal Emulator for Quantitative Evaluation of Wireless Sensor Platforms

*co-advised with Yarsun Hsu