Eco Wireless Sensor Nodes

1. Eco Mini: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) based nodes

Eco Mini
Size 12×9 mm2

2. EcoBT: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) based nodes

EcoBT is a family of wireless sensor nodes based on TI’s single-chip BLE microcontroller units (MCU). BLE, for Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Technology, is a subprotocol of Bluetooth 4.0 and is also called Bluetooth Smart. It has gained popularity in recent years as the protocol of choice for small embedded devices to interact with smartmobiles (smartphones and tablets).

EcoBT Mini EcoBT Super
size 8×8 mm2 2×4 cm2

Both boards include a digital triaxial accelerometer, an RTC chip, Regulator, magnetic switch (optional for Super), chip antenna, USB 2.0 slave (CC2540 option), on-board serial flash and MicroSD card slot (Super only), and expansion interface.

3. Eco and EcoSpire: Wibree-based nodes

Eco EcoSprie Simple EcoSpire Super EcoSD
Size 1.3×1.1 cm2 1.3×1.1 cm2 2×4 cm2 – cm2